Officers, Chairpersons and their Notebooks


Click on a Blue-Underlined position title to see the notebook for that position.

(Position titles not underlined are awaiting updated notebooks. They will be posted as they are completed.)

2019 Guild Officers

President: Carol Eskola
President-Elect (Vice President): Pam Doffek
Treasurer: Janice France
Membership Vice-President: Betty Rinkel
Secretary:  Diana Kaiser

2019 Committee and Activity Chairpersons

Audio/Visual Coordinator: Michele Hackmeyer
Auditor: [not actually a committee, but notebook retained here]
Awards Coordinator: ????
Block of the Month Coordinator: Kerry Cohen
Challenge Quilt Coordinator: ????
City Hall Show Coordinator: Kerry Cohen
Directory Coordinator: Michele Hackmeyer
Door Prize Coordinator: ????
Internet Team: Website: Sue Isaac
Internet Team: Email: Tara Goodman
Internet Team: Social Media: Carol Eskola
Library Coordinator: Jeanne Brenner
Museum Show Coordinator: Karen Kunz
Newsletter Coordinator: Tara Goodman
2019 Opportunity Quilt Coordinator
Marianne Clower
2020 Opportunity Quilt Coordinator: Jeanne Brenner
Philanthropy Coordinator: Jeanne Brenner
Programs Coordinator: Marsha Walper
Publicity Coordinator: Dawn Griffin
Quilter’s Treasure Coordinator:  n/a
Show ‘n’ Tell Coordinator: Roberta Granville
Silent Auction Coordinator: ????
Sit-n-Stitch Coordinator: Marsha Walper
Sunshine Coordinator: Shelley Woodyard
Travel Coordinator: Christine Walsh
Welcoming Committee Coordinator: ????
Workshops and Classes Coordinator: Ruth Cuzzort