Quilters Unlimited Philanthropy

Opportunities For Quiltmaking and Volunteering

IMG_1110The members of Quilters Unlimited are involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors in our community.  The following list includes opportunities for guild members to make quilts, volunteer, and donate materials.


Big Bend Hospice Quilters

Objective:  Lap quilts for hospice patients, ceremonial Hospice quilts, and raffle quilts to benefit Big Bend Hospice.

Hospice patient lap quilt recommended size:  40 X 60 inches.  This is a ‘Sit n Stitch’ group that is open to new members and meets every Monday from 1-3 PM

Guild Contact:  Jennie Lewis


Cat Quilts

Objective: Provide small kennel quilts to improve appearance and increase chances of being adopted.  These cat quilts are made for Treats, Inc., a non-profit organization that pays for spaying and neutering animals.  They sell the quilts to raise money for their organization.  Some quilts are shared with the Leon County Animal Shelter.

New Quilt sizes: (in inches)
22 X 30
29 X 32.5

Machine piece and quilt using only good quality cotton fabric. No flannel or fuzzy fabrics. These are harmful to cats. Cat and dog prints add to the appeal of these quilts and the size is suitable for cats and small dogs.

Guild Contact: Roberta Granville or drop off at Leon County Animal Shelter.


DAR Lap Quilts for Veterans

Objective: To provide lap quilts to veterans confined to wheelchairs, to wounded service members in hospitals and to retirees in convalescent and retirement homes. The Daughters of the American Revolution Fort San Luis chapter has delivered 80+ lap quilts made by Quilters Unlimited to the Lake City Veterans Hospital and to several convalescent homes for veterans.  “Thank you for your service” is the general theme of the lap quilts.

Suggested sizes:   30 x 30 inches, 34 x 40 inches, 45 x 60 inches

The smaller sizes are so they can be used in wheelchairs without causing problems. You could also include a pocket for incidentals like eyeglasses, keys, or coins, but that is optional.  A hanging sleeve on the back is another option if the recipient would like to hang the quilt on the wall.  All colors and designs are fine but a patriotic theme is particularly appreciated.  Although there are some female veterans, most of the recipients will be men.

Thank you for helping show our appreciation to our veterans for their service and sacrifice.  If you know of a veteran who could benefit from one of these lap quilts, please let me know

Guild Contact: Susan Osteryoung

In 2018, Guild members made 106 lap quilts for veterans. These photos show some of them “on parade” at the July meeting.










Pet Beds from Sewing Scraps

Objective: provide pet beds for the Leon County Humane Society.  Cats love these beds. The outer cover should be made of heavy cotton fabric such as denim or canvas.  No metallic or rayon fabrics as the cats shred these.  Also, no flannel, corduroy or fuzzy fabrics as the cats will lick these with unfortunate results. They can be washed and dried as necessary.

Sizes: 22″ x28″ or any size between 20″ wide and 30″ long.

Filling:  Fabric scraps you collect while making quilts, including batting. No needles, pins, other metals, metallic or plastics.

Guild contact: Roberta Granville.  She can take your scraps or give you an outer cover to fill if you don’t want to make your own.

These pet beds can also be donated to Tallahassee Animal Services Board. The photo was sent to Pam Doffek in appreciation by Colette Vallee of the Tallahassee Animal Services Board.



Walk to Remember

Objective: To help those families in our community who have experienced either a pregnancy loss, or the loss of an infant, and have sought counseling through the Healthy Start Coalition.  Healthy Start has asked us to provide signature blocks at various times, as needed, and then once a year a member puts the blocks (signed by family members) into a quilt.  The quilts are displayed each year at the Healthy Start Annual “Walk to Remember” event held in October at Lake Ella.  There is a remembrance ceremony, and then participants walk around the lake with candles, in honor and memory of the child that they have lost during the year.

As signature blocks are needed from Healthy Start, Cheryl Willis is contacted, and an announcement is made at the next Guild meeting to enlist help from anyone that is interested in making a block for this project. Healthy Start also asks us from time to time to provide appliquéd “Angel Blocks” to use as awards, which are framed and put on a wall at their office to thank community members who have made donations over a certain amount to their organization.  Cheryl will announce at a meeting when it becomes time to complete more of these angel blocks, and will pass out patterns and instructions.

Guild contact:  Cheryl Willis


Quilts of Valor

Objective: The mission of the Quilts of Valor (QOV) Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing quilts.

Refer to http://www.qovf.org/quilters-questions/ for specific requirements and instructions for making a QOV.  Bring your 2018 completed Quilts of Valor to the June Guild meeting in their matching or coordinating Presentation Case.

Contact:  Roberta Granville

These are the recipients and their quilts at the July 2018 presentation.


Sew for HOPE Kids

Objective: Sew for Hope Kids makes and gives away blankets to children who are homeless, impoverished, and/or in crisis. Our main recipients are children at the Hope Community Homeless Shelter here in Tallahassee. Children from newborn to 21 years of age are eligible to receive a Sew for Hope blanket.  HOPE Community is affiliated with the Big Bend Homeless Coalition in Tallahassee.
Sew for Hope Kids makes and gives away quilts, receiving blankets and afghans for homeless and impoverished children (newborn to 18 years of age) who arrive at HOPE Community with their families. Each year Sew for Hope also makes and donates 45 Pre-K naptime coverlets, 8 infant quilts, and 8 toddler quilts to the PAEC Migrant Farm Worker Summer Daycare Program in Quincy.
Donations of fabric/coordinating solids yardage (no scraps, please), batting, and backing material are accepted. Contact coordinator for current needs.
Refer to website, http://sewforhopenow.com/?cat= 36 for Standard Quilt Sizes page for information on the different sizes they accept.
Guild Contact:  Cynthia Seyler, Judy Rainbrook, Michele Hackmeyer and Christy Gregg.


TMH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Quilts

Objective: provide pretty quilts used in cribs in the NICU.
The size range is from 15″ x 22″ to 17″ x 25.”  Soothing colors and patterns are preferred since stimulation needs to be kept to a minimum.  The quilt fits on top of the sheet, with the baby placed on top of the quilt which explains why the size can vary.  Quilt tops should be made of all cotton fabrics, including cotton flannels.  Batting can be polyester or cotton; backing can also be polyester, like “Minky”, or cotton fabrics.  Machine quilt and bind them, keeping them free of other embellishment.

If someone would like to make a larger quilt (36” x 36”) to go home with a baby whose family could use the support, The NICU nursing supervisor will keep those quilts in her office to dispense of as she deems appropriate.
Resource: QU website, Refer to QU Activities/Projects, Baby quilts webpage for specific instructions.
Guild contact: Shelley Woodyard

Women’s Jail Project 

Objective:  Provide training, focus, and skills to women serving time in the Leon County Jail.

Their needs:  Backing fabric, thread (all colors except black and white), 2” and 4” fabric squares.  Check with guild contact for current needs.

Project is looking for volunteers who could visit the jail monthly to provide support and instruction. We also need a volunteer who would maintain contact with ‘graduates’ after release (phone/email contact only).

Guild Contact:  Judy Rainbrook.


Bits and Pieces

Objective:  members enjoy working together to help individuals in our community. Quilts, pillowcases and other handmade items are donated to anyone who has a need for some comfort.  Quilts are also donated to local charities and institutions to help raise money for their projects.
Fabric and financial donations have made it possible for us to share more warmth with others.
We welcome anyone at any level of sewing skill to join us in this endeavor.
Bits & Pieces is a Sit and Stitch group meets monthly 2nd Thursday 1:00 – 4:00 PM (same day and location as Guild meeting) .
Guild Contact:  Jeanne Brenner


Organizations Accepting Sewing-Related Donations

Senior Center Donations

Objective:  The Senior Center, located at 1400 N Monroe Street, provides a wide variety of activities for area senior citizens.  They will accept donations of fabric, quilting supplies, and magazines.  These can be dropped off at the centers reception area Monday through Friday between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM.  Donations can also be brought to Guild meetings or call Michele Hackmeyer for pickup arrangements.

Contact:  Michele Hackmeyer (QU) or Gena Varn, (Senior Center Staff)


The Sharing Tree donations

Objective:  A non-profit organization that collects and redistributes reusable materials to the community, offering supplies to educators, artists, and the broader learning community for pennies on the dollar.

Refer to website:  http://thesharingtreefl.org/ for a long list of materials they accept, all manner of things that can be used for arts and crafts.

Location is 218 E 3rd Street (street across from Cool Beanz restaurant).  Hours are not standard, check website.

The Sharing Tree supports the Rags to Bags (R2B) committee sponsored by Sustainable Tallahassee. The objective of R2B is to raise awareness of the importance of using reusable bags rather than plastic bags when shopping. To that end, they make and give away cloth bags using donated and repurposed materials.

The suggested design instructions (http://quilttallahassee.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/RagsToBagsInstrutions.pdf) are very simple. Dimensions do not have to be exactly as specified.