General Instructions for Making and Completing Quilts

Sue Skornia’s presentation at the Q.U. Guild meeting in June 2019 is presented in a series of lessons. This one covers:

General Instructions for Making and Completing Quilts

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Trimming the Squares

Need: Mat, Rotary cutter, 6″ square clear acrylic ruler

Trim Goal: Seams in corners

  1. Align diagonal of ruler
  2. Eye corners — All 4, twice
  3. Trim right and top edges
  4. Turn 180° and align again
  5. Eye all 4 corners again
  6. Trim right and top edges


Layering the Quilt

  1. Place a 1″ curved pin in the center of right sides of the top and backing and the center of each edge of the top, batting & backing.
  2. Clamp or tape the backing right side down, to a scratch proof surface, then the batt, then the top, right side up, aligning pins on the edges. (Do not stretch, keep tight)
  3. Place a curved 1″ safety pin in each square at least 1 ” from a seam to allow the walking foot to avoid it. Do not close the pins now. Have a “pin closer” handy.
  4. Unclamp & look at back for wrinkles in backing.   If smooth, reclamp carefully and close the pins.
  5. Move the “sandwich” if needed to complete the pinning. Check back again after pinning next section, and at the completion of all pinning, including border.
  6. Roll up one side to the center and take to machine.


Quilting in the “Ditch”

  1. Thread needle and bobbin with thread to match fabric.
  2. Install walking foot.
  3. Lengthen stitch to near 3 each time you turn machine on after resting. Rest often.
  4. Place quilt under foot at top center seam, down an inch from the border.
  5. Backstitch to border and stitch beside seam to the bottom border, backstitch.
  6. Cut both threads.
  7. Pull quilt gently back to top, move right to next seam, and repeat, all the way to the right, but not on the border.
  8. Reverse quilt and repeat.
  9. Turn 90 and quilt toward both other sides, center out.
  10. Remove to table, re- move pins using “pin closer”
  11. If diagonals are possible, quilt them now from the center to corners.
  12. Quilt along inside border.
  13. Trim on mat, add binding.
  14. Remove needle, walking foot, plate and bobbin and vacuum top & bobbin area.


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