2018 Annual Capital City Quilt Show

The 2018 Annual Capital City Quilt Show at the Museum of Florida History, 500 S. Bronough St., opened with a reception on August 31 and closed on October 28. All the quilts may be viewed on the Museum’s Pinterest page.


Quilt Show Winners


Best of Show
Linda O’Sullivan
“Nile Delta Blues”

Art Quilts

1st Place: Janet Hughes “The Great Hemlock Epiphany”
2nd Place: Marsha Walper “From A Distance”
3rd Place: Ellen Fournier “Little Stabs”

Bed Quilts

1st Place: Linda O’Sullivan “Nile Delta Blues”
2nd Place: Betty Ford-Smith “Betty & Butler Cuckleburr Quilt”
3rd Place: Linda Stright “Looking Out The Window”

Challenge Quilts

1st Place: Cynthia Seyler “Greetings”
2nd Place: Ruth Cuzzort “Spring Surprise”
3rd Place: Marsha Walper “Inspiration Out Of The Blue”

Child Quilts

1st Place: Linda Dozier “A Pod Of Whales For Clay”
2nd Place: Linda Dozier “Butterflies For Blair”
3rd Place: Jada Bedford “For Baby With Love”

Lap Quilts

1st Place: Christy Gregg “Penguins In Paradise”
2nd Place: Karen Kunz “Little House on The Prairie, Prairie Flowers”
3rd Place: Shirley Holder “Endless Hexagons”

Wall Quilts

1st Place: Linda O’Sullivan “Celtic Tree Of Life”
2nd Place: Lucy Patrick “Fresh Flowers”
3rd Place: Tara Goodman “Blue Willow Blossoms”

Miniature Quilt

1st Place: Cheryl Willis: “Who’s The Leader Here”
2nd Place: Shelley Bertels: “Flower Power”