z-Lemoyne Center for the Visual Arts August 2014 Quilt Show Entry Form

A new event for the display of our best quilts is happening in downtown Tallahassee this summer.

The Lemoyne Center for the Visual Arts was created 50 years ago to promote and display art in our community. Please get involved by entering your best creations for this show.

Applications will be available starting in February. If you can not attend a meeting, please contact Jeanne Brenner to have an application sent to you.

  • Any style quilt is welcome.
  • Because of space restrictions this show will be juried by a three person panel.Give your quilt(s) the best chance to get in with good photography….
  • For each entry you will need one photo of the entire quilt and one close up/ detail photograph.
  • There is no charge for submitting an application…please enter several of your best!
  • There will is a hanging fee of $5.00 per quilt, to help defray the expenses of the show.

A few antique quilts are needed for display to help celebrate the golden anniversary of the founding of the Lemoyne Center.

If you wish to sell your quilt at the show, it can be displayed with your price, including a 40% commission to Lemoyne…there is no pressure to do this. Just an opportunity.

Important Dates

  • Applications are due back by June 12, Thursday night QU meeting.
  • Notification to all entrants of their status by July 1.
  • Quilt turn in at Lemoyne on July 26, a Saturday morning.
  • Show opens Friday, August 1.
  • Opening night reception from 6 PM – 9 pm
  • Lemoyne is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 PM. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
  • Quilt Show ends Saturday, August 30.
  • Quilt pick up on Monday, September 1. If this date is a problem for you, talk to Jeanne.

Quilts should have a sleeve and hanging board. This is a different system than the City Hall Quilt show. A flat board is needed, rather than a rod with eyehooks. The size of the support board is dependent on the size/ weight of your quilt.

Most quilts will be hung on the walls with nails through the ends of the board. Please make your sleeve about 2 inches narrower than the width of your quilt, to allow room for the hanging process.
Please plan on participating and visiting this show to celebrate the creativeness and tenaciousness of our guild members.

Submit A Quilt to the Lemoyne Quilt Show

Download the Lemoyne Quilt Show Application