2022 City Hall Show

Show dates: June 28 – September 5, 2022

MAY 6 is the Application Deadline.  If you need help getting photos of your quilt for the application, bring it to the April Guild meeting.

Photographing your quilt for the application

  • Take two different vertical and two different horizontal photos of the whole quilt (no close-ups are needed). 
  • Each photo file must be a jpeg, jpg, or tiff.
  • Each photo file must be between 1 MB and 8 MB.
  • You will upload all four photos in the application. (COCA folks will choose the one they like best for their online gallery.)

JUNE 8: Drop off your quilt(s) with dowel(s) at the Guild meeting    OR    Deliver them to Lyn’s home by June 25 (arrange a time with Lyn).

How to prepare your quilt.

  1. Pin a temporary tag with your name and the quilt’s title on the front of your quilt (in addition to the usual label on the back).
  2. Each quilt must have a hanging sleeve sewn on the back and must have a round dowel with screw eyes on the ends that’s proportional to the quilt.
  3. After the quilt is on its dowel, fishing line needs to be tied tightly from the screw eye at one end to the screw eye at the other end.  Fishing line will be available at the June 8 Guild meeting for this purpose.

SEPTEMBER 8: Pick up your quilt(s) and dowel(s) at the Guild meeting.


The entry process for this exhibit is closed.