Kitty Quilts

In part because of their love for cats, and in part because of their philanthropic spirit, various Guild members make small pads for the cat cages at the Leon County Animal Shelter, and also for the Humane Society. Instructions (in PDF format) on the sizes needed for the Shelter are linked HERE. For the Animal Shelter, the preferred size is 28″ by 34″.

TIP FOR KITTY-QUILT MAKERS: These quilts need to be well-quilted because they will be washed many many times and subjected to little claws. But the fabric does not have to be the $10/yard stuff, by any means, considering that the quilts will be thrown away once they have been washed to shreds.  One economical fabric source for backing material are bed-sheets. There is quite a lot of yardage even in twin sheets, and if one shops sales, prices can be quite low on per-yard basis.

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