z-2012 Challenge Quilt wording

Each year, the Guild offers a challenge whereby Guild-Members can “strut their stuff”, showing off creativity, technical accuracy, and ability to get across the message of the theme in accordance with certain rules. The Guild then votes upon the quilts.

2012 Rules

  1. Theme – “Tomorrow’s Quilts Today”Incorporate all four dimensions into your quilt – length, width, depth and time. Every quilt has length and width but it is your challenge to incorporate depth and time. In the future, we will have perfect climate controlled environments; we may not need quilts to keep us warm but they are still made as objects of decoration and great appreciation. Make the challenge as ornate a quilt as possible and keeping with the theme.
  2. Size – No smaller than 80 inches and n larger than 160 inches (total of all sides).
  3. Requirements – Incorporate all four dimensions into your quilt – length, width, depth and time. Include at least one recycled or reused item.
  4. Judging – August 2012 Guild Meeting*. Failure to follow ALL rules may result in disqualification from one or more categories prior to voting.
  5. Turn In – Come to the Guild Meeting between 6:00 pm and 6:15 pm with your entry in a pillowcase. Have a quilt label clearly indicating the quilter, quilt name and date completed attached to the back of the quilt. We want you to remain completely anonymous. Write up (typed and double spaced please) a brief description of your inspiration on a card with the quilt title and information you want voters to know.
  6. Museum Show Dates – To Be Announced.
  7. Questions – Contact Dawn Griffin, 2012 Challenge Quilt Chair

*Museum Application Forms and Photos of your Challenge Quilt must be turned in by May 10 QU Meeting. Challenge Quilts (only) will be turned over to Museum Show Coordinator at the August 9 Guild Meeting after VOTING.

Basis for Voting

Best of Show vote should go to the quilt that best exhibits all of the elements below (Theme, Creativity, Workmanship).

Theme vote should go to the quilt that best carries out the theme “Tomorrow’s Quilts Today”, i.e. how well the quilter demonstrated the artist’s style through the use of fabric, color, quilting techniques, textures, value, and other elements of design, and best carries out the rules of the challenge.

Creativity vote should go to the quilt that uses the most unusual and/or original techniques, design, style, detail, etc.

Workmanship vote should go to the quilt that has the best quality of workmanship – stitch quality, finished look, detail, etc.

Basic Challenge Rules

  1. Limit one entry per person.
  2. Open to quilters of all skill levels.
  3. Voting will be held during a QU meeting prior to the turn-in date for the Museum Quilt Show.
  4. Entrant must be a current member of QU and must pay the $5 entry fee.
  5. In compliance with the Museum of Florida History, entries that contain frontal nudity and subjects that may cause offense to certain segments of the public because they may be controversial, racist, or defamatory in character may be excluded from the Museum show.