Denyse Schmidt Quilt Workshop

May 14, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Woodville Community Center
8000 Old Woodville Rd Tallahassee FL 32305
Ellen Fournier

Woven Quilt (Piecing)

My Woven Quilt pattern is a tribute to historic coverlets made in New England mills near where Denyse grew up and woven by hand around the U.S. The graphic effect of this pattern can be softened or accentuated by fabric choices – choose two solid fabrics close in hue or value for a quieter effect, or strong complimentary colors for maximum impact. You can also make this pattern in a range of print fabrics. Your choice! In this workshop she’ll guide you through color or fabric choice/placement and show you the most efficient methods of making the sections that compose Woven. You won’t complete your quilt top in the workshop, but you’ll be well on your way to doing so once you get home.

Cost of the workshop includes pattern and is nonrefundable.

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