TURN-IN QUILTS for Museum Show

Note: Quilts must be turned in at the Museum between 10am and noon August 18. If you cannot do this yourself, get a friend to turn it in for you.

Just a few things to think about when turning in your quilt:

1. Is everything complete? Pressing, picking threads, binding on perfectly.

2. Do you have a sleeve for hanging on the back side of your quilt?  The Museum absolutely MUST have a sleeve to hang your quilt. No sleeve on your quilt?  Then it cannot be hung and won’t be in the show.  This applies to Challenge quilts as well. Click HERE for instructions on making the sleeve.

3. Does the quilt’s label show: quilt maker’s name, year, location, quilter’s name (if different)?

4. Is your quilt ready for delivery to the Museum in a pillow case with your name and phone number on the pillow case?  If not, take care of this before you bring in your quilt.


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