2013 “Museum Show” – Capital City Quilt Show

September 11, 2013 – November 14, 2013 all-day
Museum of Florida History
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Jennifer Moore

32nd Annual Capital City Quilt Show

This year’s Capital City Quilt Show theme is “Road To Florida.” The show will run at the Museum of Florida History from 9/11/13-11/3/13. The opening night reception will be on Tuesday 9/10/13. The Museum is part of the State Archives building.

If you would like to enter a quilt into the show, the entry forms are due on 6/13/13 (at the June meeting). Entry forms can be:

With each entry form, you must have two (identical) photographs of your quilt. If you submit your application online, your photograph can be uploaded as part of the application process. If emailing, mailing by postal service or turning your application in at the QU meeting, the photographs can either be printed out (typically in a 4×6 size) or submitted in digital (jpg) format. If you have a digital picture, it can be saved on a disk and turned in with your show application, or the digital photograph can be emailed to jennfsulaw@comcast.net. If you email the digital photograph, please make sure that your name and the name of the quilt are mentioned in your email subject line so that the photograph can be matched to the correct quilt.

The quilts must be dropped off at the Museum on 8/24/13 (the exact time to be announced later) in a pillowcase with your name on it. The pillowcase does not need to match the quilt’s colors. Each entry must have a 4″ sleeve on the back of the quilt for hanging. Directions for making a sleeve are posted on the website under “Workshops and Lessons.” Each quilt should also have a label on the back of the quilt with title of the quilt and the name of the quilter.

Everyone who has a quilt hanging in the show is asked to volunteer two (2) hours for each quilt hanging in the show. Sign-up sheets for volunteers will be sent around the room at the next few QU meetings. The quilts must be picked up at the museum on 11/9/13 (the exact time to be announced later).

Questions can be directed to Jennifer Moore or Dawn Griffin.

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