Block of the Month

2015 Block of the Month

For 2015, our Block of the Month theme is row quilts! Row quilts have become really popular–last summer even quilt shops were designing new patterns and selling kits. What fun! Here’s a new way for everyone to show their creative and individual style.

You can put your row together any way you want: pieced, paper-pieced, or appliqued (hand or fusible). The row can be made of blocks or all one piece. It can be a repeated design or totally different from one side to the other, your choice. Some ideas will be given and some color suggestions–but the rest will be up to you. OK, so here goes…

Size: The rows can be anywhere between 3″ to 12″ tall and must be 42″ long.

  • January 2015 – Black, White, and Gray
WOW! what a great turnout for the January row. Lots of interest and 9 pretty white, gray, and black rows turned in. We had snowmen, stars and a moon, snowballs, trees, zigzags, birds, and checkerboards. Everyone gave their applause for all them, but the two outstanding ones were made by Linda O’Sullivan and Karen Kunz. Since there wasn’t a clear decision, we drew Linda O’Sullivan’s name from the basket and she received a quilt calendar as a prize.
  • February 2015 – Red and/or pink

Now for February’s row- the colors are red &/or pink. Think-  hearts, candy, kisses, love, lips, cupids, flowers, or anything else you can imagine. Remember, the row can be any height from 3″ to 12″, but needs to be 42″ wide. A special prize will be given to someone whose row has the best embellishment. Good luck and happy sewing.

  •  March 2015 – Green

2014 Block of the Month

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